Bacchus House WIne Bar & Bistro

  • Wine Cheese
  • People at Table
  • Beer Drinks
  • Sandwhich
  • Roast Beef
  • Wine Bottle Tops
  • Beer and Wings
  • Salad
  • wine glasses
  • Patio at Night
  • Outdoor Oasis


The Mythological Roman god of Wine,
Bountiful Harvest, and Festivity Eternal.

Bacchus House Wine Bar & Bistro

Bacchus House is dedicated, centered, and in celebration of the California farmer, and their fresh, organic cultivated treasures, as Mother Nature's gift. With menus that change with the seasons, you will delight in the indulgence, of presentation, & fine cuisine paired with the best fruit of the vine...

We support and embrace the Northern California community as a whole, with a vision to serve, nurture, delight and inspire, both traditionally and whimsically in the celebration that is Life.


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Seasonal Specials – August 2014

  Join us at the Bacchus House Bistro for our Seasonal & Local Specials We are proud to support local farms and strive to prepare only the most seasonal highest quality ingredients whenever possible.   Download a PDF version of... [Read more...]